Harmonizing Relationships Class

Harmonizing Relationships Class
Seattle, WA
Nurah Grace Uding

The Seattle Inayatiyya community hosts a monthly gathering focused on the Inayatiyya’s prayers that Hazrat Inayat Khan brought to us. The Confraternity of Prayer is a pledge to say a certain set of prayers every day. The prayers are on the website of the national Inayatiyya (https://inayatiorder.org/teachings/prayers/).

Certain prayers are suggested for Morning, Midday and Evening. When a person takes the Confraternity pledge they agree to say the prayers every day but it is suggested, not required, to say them at three separate times each day. Some prayers can be combined if it works better with one’s schedule.

“Know thyself and you will know thy Sustainer.” Murshid Inayat Khan

If we could only see the Light of our truest Self we would walk in love, harmony and beauty every minute. If we only knew our True Nature, peace and joy would be in our every step, our every breath.

But how are we to know ourselves? This garment of human manifestation veils us from our highest selves. We cannot see our own faces; we cannot gaze into our own eyes save with a mirror. And for that Allah has given us each other.

In this practice we will use the Confraternity Prayers and the phrases, or affirmations, that are recited between the prayers to see, to love and to join in union with “the other”. Though we may begin with being frustrated and seeing fault in someone, God willing, we will end with understanding, love, wholeness and unity.

Each major prayer has an “Affirmation” that is repeated between the first and second prayers in each set.

Morning Affirmation:  May the Message of God reach far and wide

Midday Affirmation:  Pour upon us Thy Love and Thy Light

Evening Affirmation:  Disclose to us Thy Divine Light

With each affirmation a particular concentration is held. While repeating the first affirmation “May the Message of God spread far and wide”, we image a person sitting in front of us, perhaps someone with whom you would like to improve your relationship or someone to whom you wish healing energy. Between oneself and this person we imagine a golden cord of light. There are different concentrations held for the other two affirmations.

The class is open to all. You do not need to have prior experience with the Confraternity Prayers to attend. If you would like to know more about this class, considered part of the Kinship activity in Seattle, you may contact Nurah Grace at woodfrog789@gmail.com.

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