A Litany of Wild Graces: Meditations on Sacred Ecology

A new book by Sharifa Oppenheimer                           

We are happy to share the release of a new publication: A Litany of Wild Graces! Perhaps it will sit on your bedside table and poem by poem seep into your dreams and inspire your days. Here is a short preview of its scope.

“We stand at a pivotal moment as the environmental crisis deepens. Scientists, environmental organizations, island nations, and the children of our world are calling for a vast encompassing paradigm shift. We search everywhere, seeking what can be done to turn the tide. Yet into this chorus, a new melody is arising, asking not only what must we do, but who must we become to meet this urgent need.

In A Litany of Wild Graces: Meditations on Sacred Ecology, Sharifa Oppenheimer points us toward an open secret. Through poetry, essay, litany, and dreams, she invites us to step out of a 21st century virtual reality and into the emerald earth. Here we rediscover our ancient neural core: kinship with all beings. In these pages we meet close relatives: woman-in-the-mountain, northern blue ice, our sun ~ the father of all incandescence. We inhale the very breath exhaled by arctic phytoplankton.

It is through kinship ~ through Love alone ~ that we will be brought back to our senses, back home to the sensually alive inter-being that composes the living body of Gaia. It is, singularly, here at home in the one heart of earth that we will shuck off our husk of greed and domination. Here we can regain our humanity. We can rejoin the great conversation among beings.  Step outside, open these pages and remember.”

And here is an endorsement from Pir Zia:

“Sharifa Oppenheimer’s Gaian hymns bear exquisite witness to the sacred mystery that flashes, murmurs, flutters, and blooms beyond the bounds of human “progress.” In these pages, we are evocatively reminded of a world that has always been ravishingly whole and unutterably lovely.” ~ Pir Zia Inayat Khan, author of Saracen ChivalryMingled Waters, and Immortality

A Litany of Wild Graces: Meditations on Sacred Ecology, Red Elixir Press April 2022. Available at  https://bookshop.org This company supports small bookstores.

https://smile.amazon.com/Litany-Wild-Graces-Meditations  For more information:  sharifaoppenheimer.org

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