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Aotearoa NZ Kinship Initiative

There are many social justice issues simmering under the surface in New Zealand, a story familiar to all colonized countries, and although New Zealand has a reputation for having good race relations and equal opportunities, many would say that is overstated. Māori make up over 50% of the prison population, despite being 15% of theContinue reading “Aotearoa NZ Kinship Initiative”

Help Us Honor our Chishti Ancestors

The chain of transmission of the Inayatiyya encompasses the teachings and lineages of four great Sufi orders; the Chishti, Suhrawardi, Qadiri, and Naqshbandi. The Chishti Order was founded in Afghanistan and later spread to the Indian subcontinent. In 1910 Ḥazrat Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan was the first Chishti teacher to arrive in the West. In the lastContinue reading Help Us Honor our Chishti Ancestors

Nayaz-Sister-Brotherhood Project

Submitted by Anna Latifa Vandevenne (Belgium) Join us with your prayers! Fifty years ago, I joined the human rights organization, Amnesty International by writing letters on behalf of people whose Human Rights were violated. In that time, before computer availability, handwriting letters for “prisoners of conscience” was for me an occasion for prayer and meditation.Continue reading “Nayaz-Sister-Brotherhood Project”

Prison Book Project

Submitted by Deb Hirabai (USA) The Prison Book Project (PBP) continues to serve incarcerated people around the country, reaching out to prison libraries, pastors, and organizations such as the Human Kindness Foundation to find inmates needing great reads! They can choose one of our three recommendations or pick any book by Hazrat Inayat Khan. AsContinue reading “Prison Book Project”

New Zealand Kinship Weekend

by Majid David Vowells, Kinship Coordinator, New Zealand There are many rhythms in our lives marking the passage of time, and those of an annual event bring a particular sense of anticipation and pleasure. So it was when we met on another Saturday morning in July for Kinship weekend, celebrating Hazrat Inayat Khan’s birthday, andContinue reading “New Zealand Kinship Weekend”


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