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Kinship Newsletters
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Belonging to Our Planet (from the Ecological Crisis Series)
Note: * The recommendation in these first two presentation are those of the authors and do not represent the opinions of the Inayatiyya or the Kinship Activity.
*Global Atlas of Environmental Justice
*Climate Change 101
An Agricultural Vision for the Inayatiyya by Firos Holterman ten Hove
Healing our Relationship with the Earth with Wali Via
Wali Via’s Nature Meditation

Belonging to Our Human Family
Longing to Belong
Having Difficult Conversations
Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Stages of Kinship
Climbing the Empathy Wall with Arlie Hochschild and Krista Tippett,  On Being

Race, Equity and Inclusion
Racial Affinity Group and Caucus Background 
Benefits of Caucuses for People of Color  
Benefits of Caucuses for White People 
Mindful of Race with Ruth King

Information on Incarceration 
Promoting Racial Equity in Prison Reform
Racial Disparities – US Criminal Justice System
Step Inside the Circle

Get Involved
The Hope Project 
Abrahamic Reunion
Braver Angels 
Extinction Rebellion 
Amnesty Internationa
Black Lives Matter 

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